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Are you thinking about hiring an entertainer for your wedding? Are you tired of going to weddings and seeing and hearing the same thing? Then don’t be like every other wedding and let PECS Entertainment be the entertainer for your wedding! From our different games that get the crowd interacting to complete MC entertainment all night long at PECS Entertainment we strive and make each wedding the best your guest will ever be at. From start to finish with PECS Entertainment we keep your wedding day the best it can possibly be the entire way through.

PECS Entertainment has state of the art equipment and not to mention our MC and DJ’s are some of the best in the burgh. You can’t go wrong when you hire our incredibly talented teams for for all your wedding needs. Looking to have the best dance party under the sun? You’ve got it. Everything from our sound system, dance floor lighting, and our custom uplighting to our totally customized digital monogram lights. With PECS your wedding day will certainly be one to remember.

We offer dancing on the clouds and a newly social media interaction photo booth that gives you and your guests a very special way to interact the whole night long, services most entertainment companies will not offer! We know that what you want on your wedding day to be entertained and to have your guests be as happy as possible; Our reviews speak for themselves and prove our passion for being your favorite wedding specialist.

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This video consists of various weddings, graduation parties, and other events done through P.E.C.S. Wedding Entertainment Co.

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