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My name is PJ and I am the Photographer/Videographer/Designer of this company and I am here to fill you in on some details about me and what puts me apart of every Joe Shmoe that has a camera. I have been taking pictures and making videos ever since my freshman year of high school, and I have acquired a particular set of skills that have taught me how to compose an image and understand the framing of a photo to take it from a quick snapshot, to a professional photo that you would see in a picture frame as as stock photo.If you hire me as your photographer or videographer, you are getting a young and creative artist that cares about the quality of your work more than he probably should. I spend hundreds of hours editing photos when most other photographers would just slap a filter on them and hand them over to you. I like to believe that my work is a representation of myself, and I like it when I look professional. My last note to you will be this, when you are deciding if you want to hire a photographer, do you want someone that has such a drive and passion for his work that he spends 5 days a week shooting and editing daily. Someone who spends their off time shooting and creating for fun. Someone who is so passionate about their work that they have ruined a $400 suit just to "GET THE SHOT". Do you want someone who is dedicated to making your event a moment frozen in time, captured, and saved for you to have forever? I would...

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